DAKARNAVE shipyard is a full service ship repair facility located in the Port of Dakar in Senegal, ideally situated on the West Coast of Africa to service all types of sea-going vessels using the North-South sea route.

DAKARNAVE is an affiliated company of LISNAVE INTERNATIONAL, SA, itself a member of the Portuguese group LISNAVE – ESTALEIROS Navais, one of the largest ship repair companies in the world and the leader in Europe.

Equipment Information


Floating Dock

  • Length overall 235,00 meters
  • Breadth 38,00 meters
  • Lifting Capacity 28.000 tonnes
  • Pit 7x6x2 meters

Graving Dock

  • Length overall 191,00 meters
  • Breadth 25,00 meters


  • 4 docking platforms with maximum length 60 meters
  • Lifting capacity 1200 tonnes


Production Workshops


Mechanical workshop

  • Horizontal lathe St. Etienne with CNC (max. length 13 meters)
  • Horizontal lathe Meuser (max. length 9 meters)
  • Horizontal Lathes smaller dimensions
  • Vertical Lathe (up to Ø1200mm)
  • Boring Machines
  • Portable boring machine SirMecanica WS3 (up to Ø600mm)
  • Horizontal hydraulic press
  • Heat treatment Oven
  • Overhead lifting cranes

Steel workshop

  • Submerged arc SAF welding machines
  • MIG/MAG SAF welding machines
  • TIG SAF welding machines
  • Optical controlled oxy-cutting SAF
  • Manual arc SAF welding machines
  • Manual Plasma cutting machines
  • Frame hydraulic press 600tonnes
  • Profile bending press
  • Rolling machine
  • Overhead lifting cranes

Pipe workshop

  • TIG SAF welding machines
  • Manual arc SAF welding machines
  • Pipe bending machine
  • Targeting tables
  • Overhead lifting cranes
  • Oven for electrical motors varnishing
  • Balancing equipment

Hull Department

  • Mobile compressors
  • Woma washing machines
  • Clemco blasting equipment
  • Graco painting pumps and spray guns

Cranage & Transport

  • Rail crane 40 tonnes (quayside and floating dock)
  • Rail crane 40 tonnes (graving dock)
  • Rail crane 10 tonnes (on floating dock)
  • Mobile cranes up to 60 tonnes (owned)
  • Mobile cranes up to 200 tonnes (subcontracting)
  • Forklifts
  • Transport trucks


  • Scaffolding material of galvanised steel (European maker)
  • Compressed air electrical stations with distribution pipe line system
  • Sea water pipe line system
  • Fresh water pipe line system