DAKARNAVE shipyard is a full service ship repair facility located in the Port of Dakar in Senegal, ideally situated on the West Coast of Africa to service all types of sea-going vessels using the North-South sea route.

DAKARNAVE is an affiliated company of LISNAVE INTERNATIONAL, SA, itself a member of the Portuguese group LISNAVE – ESTALEIROS Navais, one of the largest ship repair companies in the world and the leader in Europe.

Surface treatment


A large part of the shipyard's repair activities consists in the cleaning and painting of ships' hulls, internal tanks and bunkers.

With temperatures between 25° and 35° and practically year-round sunshine, blasting and painting operations are never delayed by weather conditions.

Ship owners can be assured that paints and coatings will be applied in compliance with the norms established by the paint manufacturers.

DAKARNAVE can also handle the treating and coating of internal surfaces. A wide range of other types of equipment, including dehydrators and dust blasters are also available in the yard.