The Company

It is within the framework of the restructuring of the ship repair sector launched in the 1990s by the Senegalese State that DAKARNAVE won the tender to operate the Dakar shipyards.


Company created by LISNAVE INTERNACIONAL, a group of international reputation, DAKARNAVE signs in 1999 a contract with the Senegalese State represented by the SIRN for the exploitation in exclusive regime of the Dakar shipyards for an initial period of 25 years.


According to its corporate purpose and within the framework of the agreements included in the site concession contract signed with DAKARNAVE, the SIRN was responsible for the rehabilitation of the Dakar shipyards. This was achieved with funding from AFD (Agence Française de Développement) granted in the form of a loan, up to 10.8 million euros and for a period of 19 years, the reimbursement of which is covered by a share specific to the fee paid by DAKARNAVE.