Dakarnave considers Quality as a success factor and is resolutely oriented towards improving Customer Satisfaction and good management of relations with other interested parties, in all its processes, continuously improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System . Promoting the principle of doing it right the first time, rationalizing resources, to improve its efficiency and competitiveness.


Seeks the creation of value, the involvement of collaborators and the respect of the community, in the perspective of being recognized as a leader in the ship repair sector, on the West African coast, thus fulfilling its Mission and Vision , according to its Values.


Dakarnave permanently honors its contractual, legal and regulatory obligations in relations with its Customers and other interested parties, by emphasizing the assessment of the satisfaction of their requirements and expectations, by seeking to carry out projects within the agreed timeframe and fully meet the specified requirements.


Dakarnave wants to achieve excellence in People Adhesion, based on Communication, Sharing of Goals, Exchange of Experience and Teamwork, Professional Qualification and continuous performance improvement. In the relationship with its suppliers Dakarnave seeks to establish solid links, and to increase its commitment to the activity and motivation of their structural development, as a model for improving joint performance.


To make this system more effective and efficient, Dakarnave undertook its redesign by following the ISO 9001 version 2015 standard which will make it possible to considerably improve:

  • Taking into account the increasingly complex general context of its sector of activity;
  • Deployment of an approach based on the control of risks and opportunities at all levels of the organization to guarantee the achievement and permanent improvement of the expected results.

Achievement of these goals will be possible with the involvement of all the management and daily mobilization of all Dakarnave staff.