During its first ten years of activity, DAKARNAVE has experienced significant growth which is the result of the strategy put in place to develop the markets linked to the merchant marine and the fishing navy. Its turnover increased from 4 billion FCFA to around 12 billion FCFA. It is detailed as follows:


  • The industrial fishing fleets which constitute a base of recurring and stable activities represented in 2010 around 20% of the total invoicing.
  • The share of the merchant navy in turnover has been constantly increasing, reaching 62% in 2010.
  • The shares relating to orders from the Senegalese and French military navies respectively represented 4% of turnover in 2010.
  • Although punctual, the share of oil companies in the context of their "off-shore" activities could represent, as in 2007 for example, up to 25% of turnover. In 2010, this category of clients represented 13% of the turnover.
  • Since the beginning of the activity, foreign customers have represented more than 92% of the turnover for a total inflow of currencies of around 113 Million euros.



NAVIVESSEL- Estudos e Projectos Navais, S.A. - 48.99%


Board of Directors

President :

Frederico José Ferreira from Mesquita Spranger



José António Ferreira Mendes

José António Teixeira

Rogério de Jesus Pais

João Rui Carvalho dos Santos




Member of Ernst & Young