Occupational safety and health



Dakarnave considers Health and Safety (HS) as an essential pillar for the development and sustainability of the company.


To succeed in this mission, Dakarnave undertakes to:

  • Ensure working conditions through the organization of processes, by providing the necessary resources and by adopting in all its activities measures to prevent professional risks and to promote the physical and mental health of people and the protection of the environment, by associating its collaborators, Customers, suppliers and any other interested party.
  • Comply with the legislation and regulations in terms of Health and Safety at Work, as well as “good practices” and standards adapted to the activities. It also aims to promote a "corporate culture", which focuses on designing and implementing safer processes.
  • Get involved in continuous performance improvement and behave proactively to prevent accidents or property damage.
Dakarnave maintains that the cooperation and collaboration of all are essential values to make the company a workplace where each person can evolve and work in complete safety.


Safety is everyone's business and responsibility!