Our services

Mechanical works


DAKARNAVE has all the expertise necessary for the repair of diesel engines, rudders, pumps and all other types of equipment.


Our shipyards also have the infrastructure and skills for:

  • Electrical welding repairs
  • Wear facing of mechanical components by welding.
  • Coating of parts by spray process
  • Repair of exhaust valves

The mechanics who work for DAKARNAVE are highly skilled in repairing all type of ship equipments, in particular winches and deck gears.


Steel and Pipe


The shipyard possesses all the requisite infrastructure for steel renewal works including the replacement of prefabricated blocks.


Our stock of certified steel is regularly renewed. Our welders are also certified.


Specialised in piping systems, our workshop has the best technicians and the proper equipment for all types of repairs in cargo tanks, ballast tanks, cooling circuits and hydraulic systems.


Electrical repairs


With the cooperation of external sub-contractors, the shipyard has the requisite expertise and equipment to undertake all types of electrical work, including motor rewinding.


Surface treatment


A large part of the shipyard's repair activities consists in the cleaning and painting of ships' hulls, internal tanks and bunkers.


With temperatures between 25° and 35° and practically year-round sunshine, blasting and painting operations are never delayed by weather conditions.


Ship owners can be assured that paints and coatings will be applied in compliance with the norms established by the paint manufacturers.


DAKARNAVE can also handle the treating and coating of internal surfaces. A wide range of other types of equipment, including dehydrators and dust blasters are also available in the yard.